Fast and Easy to apply like a bandage with the holding strength of Sutures

1 mm microstaples embedded in an adhesive strip anchor to the skin

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Product Details

microMend is a unique new alternative to sutures, surgical glues and common adhesive strips for closing the skin surface as well as protecting the incision site afterwards.

It provides safe, secure and very rapid skin closure for a variety of incisions and lacerations. Examples of the product's applications are in surgeries such as the following: Dermatologic (excisions, skin biopsies, and Mohs procedures), Ortho/Spinal (discectomies), General (laparascopic) as well as in ER / Urgent Care settings.

The product is offered in both a Butterfly bandage shape and a Straight Edge bandage shape, with tiny "microstaples" that anchor the device to the skin with an equivalent holding strength to sutures.


microMend in the shape of a Butterfly bandage has the following dimensions – 43mm in length, 6mm wide in the narrow middle, and 12mm wide at each end.

microMend in the shape of a Straight Edge bandage has the following dimensions -- 43mm in length and 12mm wide throughout.

Regulatory Status:

FDA listed Class 1 medical device

IP Status:

The technology is protected by two patent applications, which cover all aspects of the device and its clinical uses.